Intro to Search Engine Optimization

The technique of getting your site listed, and displayed in results for google, Bing, and Yahoo searches is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When done properly, you get a constant stream of visitors for free.

There are many articles and techniques how to accomplish this but the main idea to keep in mind is that search engines want to deliver quality content to users. SEO results are not instantly seen, they can take weeks or months to materialize. Writing quality content in a way that search engines can properly index, and read it is essential to Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Foundation 

Ensure your pages are can be indexed
The process of getting google or Bing to recognize your link and show it to users who perform a search is called indexing. Search engines travel the internet 24/7 going from link to link, processing and saving information from sites. If there is no link to a page, search engines can never get there, and do not know if it’s existence. In addition, if content on a page is hidden in Javascript, or in images then search engines may never discover it.

Submit a sitemap
Sitemaps tell search engines what pages are on your site, they will check your sitemap and then know exactly what pages to read content for and to update.

Ensure use of proper meta tags
Meta tags can be used to describe your page, hide pages, mark duplicates, and much more. By using the appropriate meta tags you can instruct search engines how to process and store your site data.

Remove Duplicate Pages
Duplicate pages can affect your search engine ranking. Search engines do not like seeing more than one page with almost similar content. They treat this negatively. Using the rel canonical tag can help to mark duplicates and prevent penalties from search engines.

Get Backlinks
Backlinks are links from other sites that point to your site. The more high quality backlinks that point to your site, the more importance will be given to your site by search engines. There are various ways to get backlinks, but it revolves around providing quality information for users.