What type of website do I need

This guide will help to simply the type of website you want.


Static websites are good for people and businesses who want a site with less than 5 pages that primarily give information to the viewer. These sites are not expected to be updated frequently, and will generally require a programmer or someone with intermediate programming skills to make modifications. These websites can have restricted areas that are secured by a password, but do not have concept of user accounts. Static sites are generally not recommended for e-commerce or online sales.

For example:

John’s Construction Business

Pages: About Us, Contact Us, Rates, Certifications/Portfolio


Content Management System (CMS)

Content Managed sites can be used to build sites with hundreds of pages, or just a few. These sites are great if the person or business plans to make updates to the site on their own without requiring much technical knowledge. They usually provide a text area similar to a word processor where you can type and make edits. They also allow the moving or placement of certain site features. These sites also can have user accounts where different people can have accounts with different permissions. Another strength of content management system is their flexibility, they can be molded to serve advanced or simple features.

For example:

Joey’s Accounting Business

Pages: About Us, Blog, Rate, Certification, My Account, Payments

The two Content Management Systems that we recommend are:

WordPress and Drupal. Both are great choices.

Overview of WordPress and Drupal